Accelerate and automate complex billing operations for Managed Service Providers and Cloud Resellers

Reduce revenue leak by 4 to 19%


Target audience: Managed Service Providers, Cloud resellers

BillOps simplifies monthly billing operations with automation and customizable product catalog. Operators no longer have to fret about huge spreadsheets and manual operations. Billing data are automatically ingested and processed into customer consumable bills after the rules are set. Operations that used to take weeks to finish now take minutes.

Managed Service Providers and Cloud Resellers face challenges such as:

Huge data volume

Consumption data per billing period scales up quickly as number of end customers and associated consumption rises. Manual operations with spreadsheets no longer suffices.

Fluctuating pricing information

Cloud vendor pricing information changes all the time. Hard for billing operators to keep track.

Pricing customization

Billing operators need to customize pricing for different resources and services. The scale of this task is too much for manual operations.

Business reporting

Business owners need a holistic view of business forecast and planning after analyzing billing data and consumption details. Reporting quality depends on the due diligence of billing operators.

Billing portal for end customers

End customers desire a portal where they can self-serve and see all historical and current bills. It is too much to build such a portal in-house for MSPs and Cloud Resellers since they need to focus on building their cloud reselling business.

Aquila Clouds BillOps capabilities include:

Automation to simplify Billing Operations

Automated ingestion and processing of consumption and pricing data minimizes the complexity of billing oprations. Billing operators can easily set up billing rules in BillOps product catalog and apply to bills of any end customers. Once the billing rules are all in place, BillOps automatically generates the bills for end customers without any further attention needed.

Product Catalog for billing rules

Billing Operators can easily set up reusable billing rules in product catalog and apply customized pricing on any end customer bills. In BillOps Product Catalog, billing operators can set up bundled pricing, discounts, markups, special pricing for managed services, and many more. This enables flexibility in your cloud reselling business, and allows for more rooms for profit margins.

Bill Analytics for business reporting and planning

BillOps shows in a single pane of glass the state of your cloud reselling business, e.g. your business volume in the previous, current and next billing (forecast) periods. You can use the data in this view to strategize and plan your next business move, such as treating your top customers with special care, and targeting customers with expiring purchase orders for renewal.

Audit trail to handle billing disputes

BillOps keeps track of trails of resource lifecycle, rate cards, billing versions, and logins in case any disputes arise in the future. For example, resources can change in size and BillOps keeps track of these changes in case end customers dispute a higher charge later.

End customer facing portal for self service

BillOps provides role-based access control and gives access to end customers a view of their historical and current bills. This enables end customers to self-serve their billing viewing needs.

Aquila Clouds BillOps ROI include:

Reduce revenue leak

Our empirical data show 4% to 19% revenue leak saved through BillOps

Improve productivity

Weeks of work reduced to minutes 1000x improvement in productivity.

OPEX savings

10:1 optimization ratio of billing staff.

Billing Platform Buyer’s Guide

Uncertain about what to consider when you evaluate a billing platform for your cloud reselling business? Aquila Clouds has documented from our customer engagements the important aspects in their considerations.

What customers are saying about Aquila Clouds BillOps

“What we used to finish in weeks, now we can finish in minutes”

Head of Microsoft Practices, Nasdaq-listed ICT company

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