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FinOps 2.0 released

Observability, Optimization,
Governance, Communication

Reap 20 to 75 % of cloud savings

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The best cloud automation and optimization platform

Manage and govern your cloud with automated intelligence covering finance, operations, migration and more

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Elevate your operations to the machine learning level

For example, smart scheduling to startup and shutdown cloud resources with awareness of resource dependency

At Aquila Clouds we embrace the paradigm of Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Optimization (CMCO). Regardless of where you are in your cloud development and deployment, we provide you with the capabilities to ensure a smooth daily operation. Whether you are a CFO or finance manager at an enterprise company looking for better finance governance, or you are a cloud reseller looking for better billing productivity and profitability, or you are a cloud operator looking to improve your daily workflows, Aquila Clouds has you covered.

With Aquila Clouds, you can

Automate your cloud
optimization tasks

Reduce 76% of your cloud spend on non-production environments

Govern your budget and chargeback across muiltiple clouds and Kubernetes

Intelligently shutdown resources
when not used

Automate security loophole and
compliance scans

Optimize Kubernetes resource usage and monitoring for resource pressure

Reduce cloud reseller’s revenue
leak by 4 to 19%

Improve the productivity of your
billing operations team by 1000x

Minimize manual billing
operations by 10x

Why should you consider Aquila Clouds over cloud native tools?

Recommendations without implementation are not useful. And yet manual implementations can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Automated actions and scheduled implementations on Aquila Clouds can drastically improve cloud operations and reduce OPEX.

Smart scheduling
Cloud resources need to be ‘up’ only when they are used. Particularly in the non-production environments, cloud resources are idle 76% of the time. Aquila Clouds recommends and implements a smart schedule for your cloud resources, saving you significant amount of cloud costs.

Monitoring of non cloud-native services
Cloud providers provide you recommendations for cloud infrastructure and resources. They may even provide management of their cloud-native services. And yet they do not offer any management of non cloud-native services, e.g. your own Kubernetes environment.

Multi-cloud management
Organizations are moving to multi-cloud or hybrid environments. Having just one cloud covered is not sufficient to properly manage your multi-cloud projects. Aquila Clouds cover AWS, MS Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and Digital Ocean. We provide you control and governance of multi-cloud resources. You can also understand how your cloud costs differ across various clouds by using Aquila Clouds.

Aquila Clouds partnering with renowned consulting firms and startup programs

Aquila Clouds is ISO 27001 certified

What customers are saying about Aquila Cloud's

“Aquila Cloud’s CMCO (Continuous Monitoring Continuous Optimization) technologies enable us to precisely determine opportunities for cost and performance optimization in our cloud deployments. Together, we are creating a strong suite of cloud solutions for our customers.” 

Head of Cloud Engineering and Solutions, Nasdaq-listed ICT solution company

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