Simplify your Cloud Subscription Billing Management Solutions

if you are a multi- Cloud managed service’s business, then it is important to manage your cloud billing processes. A business needs to be sure that it is managing its customers’ cloud billings effectively and making sure that their experience with your product or service is happy.

Today, businesses prefer flexible and personalized billing and payments options for their customers. Here, cloud billing management solutions give businesses a great way to manage and handle their subscription payments. Cloud billing management software also helps a business set up new business opportunities with its dynamic pricing/purchasing and ownership options to its customers.

BillOps Billing:  BillOPs Billing is a system where businesses establish a relationship with their customers or users to bill or invoice for the services or products offered. Billing services are based on different prices for different intervals of time, no. and type of cloud resources used i.e. monthly, yearly, etc. A business needs to charge the due bill for the resources taken by the customers.

Advantages of Cloud Subscription Billing Management Software:

Fully Automated: Giving each customer their own portal to see history, current and billing forecasts reduces a big headache. BillOps Billing Management software eases these task by automating all these bills and dues to the costmers. This way, both your and the customer’s time and efforts are saved in transacting the cloud billings.

Personalized Billings: A Billing Management Software helps its customers to personalize the billings as per their preferences.

Accuracy in data: A Cloud Billing Management Software provides accuracy in extracting data from reliable sources and filling the database with correct information. Thus, resulting in gaining the trust of the consumers and helping them manage their subscriptions well.

Analytics: A cloud Billing Management Software provides transparent and reliable analytics of its consumers. By capturing accurate and sufficient client data, a business can serve the consumers.

Flexibility: A cloud Billing Management Software offers full flexibility to both the business and the consumer. In events of discounts, free trials, refunds, and more, the cloud finance management tool makes it easy to apply those changes in their accounts.

Top Cloud Billing Management Software’s:

BillOps: Catered to the billing needs of Cloud Resellers and MSP’s, BillOps streamlines and automates billing operations for cloud-related consumptions. Our product catalog enables you to install your own pricing for cloud resources and managed services for any cloud environment.

Chargebee: Chargebee is a billing management software due to its remarkable usability and a broad range of features and products. Chargebee helps the consumers in automating their billing processes. Chargebee provides an easy-to-use consumer-friendly which lets them make changes in the account information and subscription plans easily. Chargebee also proves customization to its plans and services.

Wave: Wave is the best free recurring billing software option since it is completely free and easy to use. Wave also offers a mobile invoicing and receipt scanning app and we can switch between automatic and manual billing, send customized recurring invoices, choose our preferred payment method, and automatically send invoices to multiple recipients.

Zuora: Zuora is a recurring billing software for high-revenue businesses because it offers advanced features that are suitable for high-revenue subscription-based businesses. Zuora allows its clients to choose from diverse features. Companies can modify a package that best fits their needs. Zuora can help your subscription-based business to launch, manage, and optimize subscription billing with its cloud-based software technology.

Chargify: Chargify is one of the best recurring billing software specially made for B2B organizations. Chargify offers services to its customer’s needs across the complete subscription lifestyle, including recurring billing, subscription management, business analytics, revenue operations, and more. 

Zoho:  Zoho is one of the best recurring billing software for small businesses and freelancers. It offers free and cost-effective options that are perfect for those who are just starting and don’t need a complex and expensive system. Zoho offers many features like tailored invoicing, automated invoicing, as well as flexible and customizable billing periods.

About Multi-cloud Management platform:

Multi-cloud management is the set of tools that allows a business to control and secure applications and workloads across multiple public clouds. A multi-cloud management solution platform enables IT teams to manage multiple clouds from a single interface and supports different cloud platforms (such as AWS and Azure) as well as new tools like Kubernetes. Today, most organizations use multiple public cloud service providers and multi-cloud management reduces dependency on one vendor and allows the business to harness the strengths of each cloud service provider. This results in the optimization of cloud usage and its costs. Multi-cloud management helps in strategizing centralized management of all the resources and their connected tools.

Top advantages of Multi-cloud Management:

Workload reduction on IT: A multi-cloud management helps the IT team to effectively manage their applications and workloads among different cloud providers.

Visibility: A multi-cloud management solution offers visibility across the entire multi-cloud atmosphere to enable businesses to reap the benefits of multi-cloud.

Data Security: A multi-cloud management solution ensures data security on multi-cloud providers and helps the IT team in handling potential security issues.

Cost Management: a multi-cloud approach helps in taking advantage of discounts and cost savings offered by different cloud providers which helps your business keep track of costs and usage.

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