Aquila Clouds webinars, whitepapers and briefs

Aquila Clouds BillOps datasheet

Aquila Clouds BillOps helps Managed Service Providers and Cloud Resellers streamline and automate their billing operations. This datasheet provides details about what BillOps is all about.

Billing Platform Buyer’s Guide

Uncertain about what to consider when you evaluate a billing platform for your cloud reselling business? Aquila Clouds has documented from our customer engagements the important aspects in their considerations.

Aquila Clouds FinOps datasheet

Aquila Clouds FinOps Platform provides four capabilities – observability, optimization, governance and communication – through our CMCO paradigm. This datasheet gives you an overview of what Aquila Clouds FinOps is all about.

Are Cloud Native Tools sufficient for cloud finance management?

Desmond Chan

CPO and Co-founder

Watch this webinar to hear about why Cloud Native Tools are not sufficient for cloud finance management.

FinOps as a discipline whitepaper

Cloud organizations need to seriously consider establish a FinOps practice to ensure their cloud financial health. This whitepaper examines the various aspects of FinOps as a discipline and how Aquila Clouds can help.

Why would you use Aquila Clouds FinOps?

A cloud finanical management platform differentiated from Cloud Vendors’

Why would you consider using a third party FinOps platform while Cloud Vendors give you their own native tools? This whitepaper tells you why.

Guest webinars

Edge computing and network control for drone video analytics

Prasad Calyam

Technical Advisor

Fascinated by drones? Watch this webinar for more information about how to analyse the drone video data using edge computing and network control.

OnTimeURB: Multi-cloud Broker Framework for creation of secure and high-performance cloud-based applications

Prasad Calyam

Technical Advisor

Watch this webinar to hear about Professor Prasad Calyam’s latest research on OnTimeURB.

Demo videos

BillOps demo video

Sitara Bellam

Product Management

Want to see BillOps, Aquila Clouds’ billing platform in action? Watch this video to see how we streamline and automate the billing operations for your cloud business.

FinOps demo video

Sitara Bellam

Product Management

Watch our demo video to know how you can transform cloud finance data into actionable insights for cost-optimized operations.