Holistic cloud management platform

Billing, Finance, Infrastructure, Service, Cloud Migration Advisory

At Aquila Clouds we embrace the paradigm of Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Optimization (CMCO). Regardless of where you are in your cloud development and deployment, we provide you with the capabilities to ensure a smooth daily operation. Whether you are a CFO or finance manager at an enterprise company looking for better finance governance, or you are a cloud reseller looking for better billing productivity and profitability, or you are a cloud operator looking to improve your daily workflows, Aquila Clouds has you covered.

Aquila Clouds CMCO Platform includes:


Target audience: Managed Service Providers, Cloud resellers

BillOps simplifies monthly billing operations with automation and customizable product catalog. Operators no longer have to fret about huge spreadsheets and manual operations. Billing data are automatically ingested and processed into customer consumable bills after the rules are set. Operations that used to take weeks to finish now take minutes.


Target audience: CFOs, Finance Managers, Cloud Operators, Product Managers

FinOps assesses and optimizes finance health for organizations invested in the cloud. On average, over 35% of cloud spends go to waste due to typical reasons of idling and over-provisioning. Cloud organizations need to constantly watch out for billing and utilization anomalies. FinOps provides visibility into cost and resource utilization trends along with targeted reports and proactive alerts so that users can be in the know all the time. Our automated actions alleviate operators of complex and error-prone operations while improving their productivity by orders of magnitude. FinOps is your long term partner for cloud finance strategy. 


Target audience:Infrastructure Operators, Security Engineers

InfraOps streamlines and automates cloud infrastructure operations, be it scheduling a resource shutdown, provisioning a new workload to the cloud, or performing predictive capacity planning. For security and compliance loopholes, InfraOps provides security scanning using preset policies and customizable scripts ensuring your cloud infrastructure is well-protected.


Target audience: Application Engineers

ServiceOps monitors applications and services that are crucial to your business. Be it Kubernetes, AWS RDS, Apache Spark or others, ServiceOps provides you visibility to application and service specific metrics, cost and performance analysis, and anomaly detections. The goal of ServiceOps is to ensure all components of your overall business service provide the desired SLA without the application engineers always having to attend to all the applications and services.

Cloud Advisory

Target audience: Cloud Migration Engineers, Consultants

Migrating to the cloud or another cloud is not daunting as it seems if you have all the information you need. Cloud Advisory assesses your workloads on their cloud readiness, and make recommendations on the best cloud option(s) for them in terms of cost and performance. You will be all in the know before taking any actions.

Besides Cloud Advisory as a product, Aquila Clouds also provides Cloud Migration as part of our professional services.

We support a true multi-cloud (or hybrid-cloud) environment for our users, covering AWS, MS Azure (including Azure Stack), GCP, Oracle Cloud, Digital Ocean, and VMware.

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Our platform is integrated with the ITSM ecosystem:

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