Aquila Clouds Team

Aquila is Latin for eagle. Eagles have eyesight 5 times as powerful as humans and can spot an ant moving on the ground from a 10-story building. Aquila Clouds strives to provide our customers the level of visibility and governance over their cloud environments with the precision of an eagle eye. Our Cloud Automation and Optimization platform helps you manage your cloud deployments using a closed-loop approach, providing you with visibility, optimization recommendations, automated actions and resolutions.

About us

Aquila Clouds is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States, and have operations in India, Dubai and other countries.

Our team is passionate about automating cloud operations using modern technologies such as machine learning. We aim to make cloud deployment, management and optimization fully automated that your company can focus on your business objectives. We are a team of software experts in cloud operations, storage, capacity & performance management, coming from companies such as Microsoft, VMWare, Oracle, with highly successful track record in creating system-level products and platforms.





Suchit Kaura


Suchit Kaura is  Founder at Aquila Clouds. He founded Aquila Clouds in pursuit of his passion of IT automation. Suchit has been part of executive and leadership teams for companies like Isilon, BlueArc and Oracle. He had been at startups and larger corporations, driving innovation, creating dramatic business values and revenue growth of over billion dollars multiple times by creating market leading products like Oracle RAC, Isilon OneFS & Veritas SDS stack.

Suchit is an alumnus of IIT, Roorkee

Desmond Chan

CPO and Co-founder

Desmond Chan is Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Aquila Clouds. Desmond is a true believer of IT enablement through simplification, which is a guiding principle at Aquila. He has held product and marketing leadership positions at companies in the space of cloud, DevOps and AI, e.g.,, Veritas, VMware and Software AG.

Desmond received an MBA degree from UC Berkeley, and an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Sarthak Arora

Marketing Manager

Sharath Bantwal

Head of Engineering

Sitara Bellam

Product Management Intern

Sunny Bhalla

VP of Sales

Rajesh Bhan

Head of QA and Operations

Kalpesh Bhandari

Lead Product Developer

Vivek Bhide

Chief Customer Officer

Sankrant Chaubey

QA Automation Engineer

Dhiraj Goundgave

QA and Pre-sales Engineer

Mohit Handa

Solution Architect

Puneet Kaura

VP of Sales and Operations

Omprakash Mishra

Product Architect

Pete Patel


Namit Singh

Engineering Intern

Rakesh Sahni

VP of Sales and Business Development

Dhanraj Tijare

Product Developer

Harsh Raina

QA Engineer

Lyn Yang

UX Designer


Prasad Calyam

Technical Advisor

Associate Professor,
University of Missouri

Balla Ganeshan


VP, Memory Software
Development, Samsung

Alok Garg



Shishir Singh


SVP and CPO,
McAfee Enterprise