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At Aquila Clouds we embrace the paradigm of Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Optimization (CMCO). Regardless of where you are in your cloud development and deployment, we provide you with the capabilities to ensure a smooth daily operation. Whether you are a CFO or finance manager at an enterprise company looking for better finance governance, or you are a cloud reseller looking for better billing productivity and profitability, or you are a cloud operator looking to improve your daily workflows, Aquila Clouds has you covered.

Achieve operational excellence at scale

Organizations need automation and streamlined processes to scale. Aquila Clouds specializes in enabling organizations to continuously monitor and optimize their operations using a fraction of the team, be it related to cloud finance, security or performance. With Aquila Clouds: Managed Service Providers (Cloud Resellers) can expedite their complex monthly billing and invoicing operations, CFOs and finance managers can assess their cloud finance health and govern the cloud spends across their entire organizations, Cloud Operators can leave the repetitive and error-prone tasks to automation and focus on high-value tasks for the overall business.

Ensure business resilience

Aquila Clouds leverages machine learning (ML)-based analytics to predict future trends of workloads and businesses to ensure your organization can adapt to fluctuations in business dynamics. Using Aquila Clouds, you can get a forecast of your future cloud expenditures to govern your organization budget. Holiday seasons typically entail adjustment of capacity and configuration of your online services, and Aquila Clouds offers predictive analytics of your future resource needs. We also provide you with proactive alerts with ITSM systems such as ServiceNOW and PagerDuty for faster resolution of service ticket.


Make well-informed decisions

Cloud management can be daunting, especially when there is lack of information. Aquila Clouds provides an explorer that provides you with full visibility of costs and utilization metrics across time on multiple clouds – AWS, MS Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud and VMware. With our analytics graphs and data tables, you can make well-informed decisions on how to optimize your resources intracloud and intercloud. Our data-driven recommendations also guides you throughout your cloud development and operations. For organizations that are thinking about moving to the cloud, we also provide you with a cloud-readiness assessment of your on-prem workloads.


Reduce IT complexity

Managing cloud deployments involves multiple levels of monitoring, investigation, and optimization processes. Aquila Clouds automatically ingests metrics on infrastructure, applications and service levels and provides recommendations and automated actions to liberate your IT staff from stress and errors. Our recommendations and automated actions address issues in resource sizing, startup and shutdown schedules, security loopholes and more.

“We do the above for operations related to billing, finance management, infrastructure management and services management. Furthermore, we provide cloud advisory to organizations who plan to move their workloads from on-prem to the cloud, or from cloud to cloud.”

Enhance team communication

Cloud finance management is a responsibility that is shared amongst the finance team and the cloud operations team. It is crucial for both teams to be in alignment in the CMCO cycle. Aquila Clouds provides in-platform communication capabilities to ensure various teams can provide their perspectives in the optimization decisions and all priorities are considered.

What customers are saying about Aquila Cloud's

“Aquila Cloud’s CMCO (Continuous Monitoring Continuous Optimization) technologies enable us to precisely determine opportunities for cost and performance optimization in our cloud deployments. Together, we are creating a strong suite of cloud solutions for our customers.” 

Head of Cloud Engineering and Solutions, Nasdaq-listed ICT solution company

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