Custom-tailored and integrated BillOps system for multi-cloud CSPs

For a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) that offers multiple cloud solutions to organizations, often the biggest challenge is not enabling customers to use these solutions, but it is in ensuring that the customers are correctly billed for their usage. Primarily, most CSPs find it difficult to properly account for all the resources offered to a client in the monthly bill and to apply the correct discount offer/rate card/rate pack that is defined for a customer or a group of customers. If usage bills are not generated correctly, they may not only lead to revenue losses but they may also impact the organization’s reputation if customers notice any issues in monthly bills. Often customers request for access to a portal that provides them an itemized snapshot of their bills based on their usage so that they can optimize operating costs and manage resources. For this reason, many CSPs, using unreliable cloud billing solutions which might result in other market players getting access to your customer information.

If your organization is a CSP and has been worried by any of the problems like these or other similar problems, Aquila Clouds platform offers a specialized solution that precisely addresses all billing requirements of CSPs. You automatically ingest customer data from your cloud service provider to Aquila Clouds platform, and account for as many resources as used by customers and customize the resource rates for each customer. Aquila Clouds not only guarantees operational excellence but also assures you that your customer satisfaction index will be the highest when it comes to providing them with accurate monthly usage bills.

Aquila Clouds platform features BillOps system that enables the CSPs to perform the following tasks for billing customers using the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure / Azure Stack and Google Cloud Platform:


· Define a rate card line: You can define region-specific rate card lines for each category and sub-category of resources. The rate card can be defined for hourly, daily and monthly units according to the resource count. Aquila Clouds enables you to define the period for which the rate card remains effective and set the state of rate card to Active or In-Active so that rate card can be reused as and when required. This saves you from wrongly applying rate cards to customers or regions.


· Define a rate pack: You can define a rate pack to bundle up two or more resources that are frequently used by a customer or a group of customers. This enables you to consider all resources (of same or different categories) that are used and to offer discounts to customers that use many resources. For a rate pack, you can define a pack level rate or define a rate for each resource included in the pack. This saves you from wrongly applying discounts to customers or regions.


· Import rate packs: You can also import any existing rate pack that is defined for any other region or customer and reuse it. This saves you from duplicating rate packs.


Define a managed service: You can account for the costs incurred for managed service for any resource used by your end-customer. You can add cost for the managed service as markup or add it as a discount.


· Generate and view monthly bills for customers: You can generate monthly bills for customers and set their state to Draft to review the bill details before publishing it. This helps you to ensure that the rate cards and/or rate packs are properly assigned to the required customer or group of customers.


· Billing portal for end-customers: Aquila Clouds provides end-customers access to the billing portal to enable your customers to get an itemized snapshot of their operating costs and accordingly plan their operations. This provides additional transparency and assurance to your customers.


Note: Itemized snapshot is available to the customers only if the bill is generated and set to the Frozen state.


All these features come with an assurance of complete protection of your customer information. So, if you are a CSP, Aquila Clouds is the perfect solution to your organization’s any billing needs.

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