Make automated and smart decisions for your IT operations

Gartner predicts that large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023. AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations. IT operations typically follow a process of assessment, decision and action. With the ever growing complexity of modern applications running on the cloud, on-prem and at the edge, IT operations need to rely on automation software to build their competency and drive efficiency within their organizations. And yet how can IT Ops staff be sure that the automation software is making smart decisions? AIOps is the answer.


AIOps uses machine learning to find insights in huge volumes of real-time and historic IT data and provides recommendations for automated actions. It can be applied to predict future capacity needs for your infrastructure, or when your applications will not be able to sustain the transaction volumes in the near future, or analyze how your cloud bills can be minimized if you move to a different cloud provider. All in all, AIOps can raise the ITOps efficiency by multiple orders of magnitude.

We at Aquila Clouds have a mission to optimize and automate IT operations with our AI-based SaaS platform. Our platform ingests and processes real time and historic IT data of cloud resource usage and application metrics, and uses the machine learning models to predict the future trends of infrastructure and application usage and loads. From these future-proof insights, we make proactive recommendations on cloud instance right-sizing, auto-scaling, startup and shutdown schedules, and more. Aquila Clouds closes the loop from real time assessment to smart decisions to automated actions.

Sample decision and automation capabilities provided by Aquila Clouds include:

Rightsizing: One-click to change an instance from one instance type to another for performance and/or cost reasons, or to clean up unattached or orphaned storage volumes, or to downsize over-provisioned IOPS volumes.

Startup/Shutdown schedule: Analyzing the usage patterns of cloud instances, Aquila makes recommendations on their startup/shutdown schedules. Users can follow the recommendations or override with their own preference when applying an automated schedule via Aquila.

Alerts: Sending alerts highlighted by severity to ITOps staff via email, PagerDuty, etc.

Spot bidding: Aquila provides recommendations on which instances can be suited for spot instances. With your order, we enter the bid request on your behalf, and automatically move the instance to the spot instance acquired from that bid when done.

All of these features are to ensure your IT Operations in the clouds run efficiently at scale with optimal performance and costs. Your nightmare about waking up at 2 am to attend to operational failures will no longer haunt you.

For more information about Aquila Clouds, visit our website, or contact us at You can also sign up for our free trial to experience our platform first-hand.