Transform cloud finance data into actionable insights for cost-optimized operations.

Reap 20 to 75 % of cloud savings


Target audience: CFOs, Finance Managers, Cloud Operators, Product Managers

FinOps assesses and optimizes finance health for organizations invested in the cloud. On average, over 35% of cloud spends go to waste due to typical reasons of idling and overprovisioning. Cloud organizations need to constantly watch out for billing and utilization anomalies. FinOps provides visibility into cost and resource utilization trends along with targeted reports and proactive alerts so that users can be in the know all the time. Our automated actions alleviate operators of complex and error-prone operations while improving their productivity by orders of magnitude. FinOps is your long term partner for cloud finance strategy.

Enterprises face challenges in cloud finance management

Limited visibility into cloud waste

After lift-and-shift to the cloud, many Finance and CloudOps teams do not have a clear picture about their cloud waste. Even though cloud is very flexible in resource provisioning and adjustment, these teams lack visibility on what to optimize.

Time consuming optimization tasks

Optimization tasks such as right-sizing, setting startup/shutdown schedules for non-production instances, cleaning unused storage can be time consuming especially if the organization has a large number of resources. Automation is key here.

Centralized governance

Enterprises have company-wide policies, which are not easy to implement in a flexible cloud environment. They need a policy engine that can enforce the policies across the company, e.g. budgets.

Collaboration between Finance and IT Teams

Finance Teams and IT Teams often have different perspectives on how to manage cloud finance. Finance Teams have the objective to be lean and not wasteful while IT Teams have the goal to ensure their business services run smoothly in the ever-changing dynamics. These two teams need a collaboration platform to balance the various priorities.

Self-service to boost productivity

Finance Teams want to access to the cloud resource consumption data whenever they need without having to wait for IT Teams to submit monthly reports. IT Teams need to be able to access the optimization recommendation data whenever they need to without having to wait for reports from cloud administrators. A self-service platform with role-based access is key.

Aquila Clouds FinOps addresses all the above challenges in our holistic SaaS platform using a closed-loop approach providing visibility, optimization recommendations, automated actions, centralized governance, and collaboration mechanisms. Our goal is to ensure that your organization runs wisely and efficiently on the cloud, be it AWS, MS Azure (and Azure Stack), GCP, Oracle Cloud, Digital Ocean or VMware.

Aquila Clouds FinOps capabilities include:

Explorer to provide full cloud spending visibility

Cloud consumption data and pricing data are automatically ingested into FinOps for aggregation and analysis. FinOps Explorer enables the Finance Managers to slice and dice the cloud spending data and build reports for various audiences. Product Managers can understand the whole picture of the cloud expenses for their projects in order to make ROI assessments.

Optimizer to provide recommendations and automated actions

FinOps provides recommendations to optimize cloud resouces, e.g. rightsizing, startup/shutdown schedules, eliminating idle resources. We provide you with comprehensive explanations on why we made certain recommendations with infrastructure and application metrics so that you have full confidence when deciding to action on a certain recommendation. Our recommendations can be automatically actioned after you provide a schedule or immediately depending on your decision.

Intelligent scheduling to save costs

According to an industry research, non-production instances are idle 76% of the time. Organizations can save tremendously by implementing regular startup/shutdown schedules for them. FinOps studies the usage pattern of individual instances and multi-tiered applications, and provides schedule recommendations along with associated schedule automation. We also provide schedulers to optimize your auto-scaling group configuration on a hourly basis.

Hierarchical domains to handle federated governance

FinOps enables Finance Managers to govern cloud spendings using hierarchical domains. For example, budgets and chargebacks across hierarchies down from business units, departments, projects to accounts. Other policies such as volume lifecycle management can be implemented in a federated hierarchy as well. With FinOps, adminstrators can implemented federated governance while individual users can implement actions in their self-service portal, leveraging our RBAC capability.

Reporting and In-Platform communications for collaboration

FinOps provides a flexible interface for building reports for stakeholders in different roles, e.g. CFOs, Finance Managers, Cloud Operators, et al. Users can send their reports to other stakeholders within our platform, and keep a communication trail of the discussions.

Aquila Clouds FinOps ROI include:

Truly leverage cloud flexibility

Cloud’s promise to be flexible and elastic can be achieved only with comprehensive visibility and automation by Aquila Clouds FinOps.

Business applications run on necessary resources (and no more)

FinOps facilitates decisions and actions to reduce cloud waste. Your business applications on the cloud will only run on necessary resources.

Disciplined organization with clear budgets

FinOps enables clear company oversight using federated governance and policies. Organizations can drive their profitability with close control of budgets.

Team collaboration

Team communication becomes so much easier and more efficient because of in-platform messaging capabilities. Productivity becomes orders of magnitude better.

Are Cloud Native Tools sufficient for cloud finance management?

Watch this webinar to hear about why Cloud Native Tools are not sufficient for cloud finance management.

What customers are saying about Aquila Clouds FinOps

“Our multi-cloud multi-organizational cloud operations model requires a federated governance model that Aquila Clouds provides”

VP of Program Management, East Coast IT Service Provider

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