Leave the daily infrastructure management to Aquila Clouds automation


Target audience: Infrastructure Operators, Security Engineers

InfraOps streamlines and automates cloud infrastructure operations, be it scheduling a resource shutdown, provisioning a new workload to the cloud, or performing predictive capacity planning. For security and compliance loopholes, InfraOps provides security scanning using preset policies and customizable scripts ensuring your cloud infrastructure is well-protected.

Aquila Clouds FinOps capabilities include:

SecOps to prevent security threats in the cloud

SecOps proactively scans your cloud environments for possible security and compliance loopholes, and provides recommendations on how to fix them. Users can customize security and compliance rules to scan for, and include their own scripts. SecOps also provides automated remedial actions according to preset policies.

Predictive Capacity Planner to ensure proper operations

By leveraging AI/ML predictions of future resource utilization trends, Predictive Capacity Planner enables Infrastructure Operators to understand how their future cloud infrastructure will be like, and make proactive adjustments to their infrastructure before peak seasons arrive.

Provisioning and patching automation to improve operational efficiency

InfraOps is integrated with your CICD pipelines and industry provisioning and patching technologies such as Terraform. You only need Aquila Clouds for your CICD practices in the cloud.

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