Leave the daily infrastructure management to Aquila Clouds automation


Target audience: Infrastructure Operators, Security Engineers

InfraOps streamlines and automates cloud infrastructure operations, be it scheduling a resource shutdown, provisioning a new workload to the cloud, or performing predictive capacity planning. For security and compliance loopholes, InfraOps provides security scanning using preset policies and customizable scripts ensuring your cloud infrastructure is well-protected.

Aquila Clouds InfraOps capabilities include:

SecOps to prevent security threats in the cloud

IT systems and services are under continuous scrutiny to protect them from attacks. Vulnerabilities could be introduced at various stages of the application or infrastructure lifecycle starting from application development, deployment to runtime. It is important to continuously monitor and protect critical IT applications 24/7. Manually monitoring and detecting vulnerabilities and security threats to a scale of such systems is not practical.

Aquila Clouds SecOps helps by continuously monitoring large scale systems for security threats and provides deep observability of your application ecosystem including the core infrastructure that runs the application through the entire application lifecycle. It integrates with various tools and processes in your application ecosystem to achieve this functionality. These could range from deep image scanning tools to tools that expose network vulnerabilities. Aquila Clouds SecOps continuously monitors, alerts, provides insights and recommendations to help secure your application environment.

Predictive Capacity Planner to ensure proper operations

By leveraging AI/ML predictions of future resource utilization trends, Predictive Capacity Planner enables Infrastructure Operators to understand how their future cloud infrastructure will be like, and make proactive adjustments to their infrastructure before peak seasons arrive.

Provisioning and patching automation to improve operational efficiency

InfraOps is integrated with your CICD pipelines and industry provisioning and patching technologies such as Terraform. You only need Aquila Clouds for your CICD practices in the cloud.

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